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About us


Iconekta was conceived as a Law Firm spin-off to create a trustworthy ecosystem and turn lawyers into business generators, changing their mindset to become a liquid lawyer.

This platform is owner of the first algorithm-based and destined to match business opportunities between companies previously vetted by our accredited legal partners worldwide, providing the trust and security needed in the business world.

Iconekta is a Limited Liability Company duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware, USA.

Our Amazing Team

We are a team of A+ players and game changers with the desire of breaking geographic barriers and making business worldwide trustworthy and reliable. We look forward to the real win-win for all players in the legal sector.

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Business happens at the speed of trust.

Iconekta is owned by IAxGlobal LLC. All trademarks reserved.

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Iconekta is owned by IAxGlobal LLC. All trademarks reserved.

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