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About us

We know the skin of the game

Iconekta was envisioned in order to create a trustworthy ecosystem. Lawyers are becoming business generators and shifting their mindset towards becoming a liquid lawyer.
This legal tech platform will not only match faster and safer deals between users but also grant lawyers the sufficient tools in order to adapt to the legal tech era.
Iconekta was born within a Law Firm and all BOs are verified by Law Firms, that's one of the reason we can confirm that Iconekta has the skin of the game.

Iconekta generates higher probabilities of securing business deals. Technology has the speed we have the trust.

There is a growing confidence among investors, with the climate Latin America business recently reported to be in its best state in more than three years. A highly positive sign to do business.

Law Firm Verifiers​
USD 2.2B​
Market value​
Iconekta users​

Our Amazing Team

We are a team of A+ players and game changers with the desire of breaking geographic barriers and making business
worldwide trustworthy and reliable. We look forward to the real win-win for all players in the legal sector.

Brenda Rek

Co-founder and COO

Alonso Indacochea

CEO and Founder

Fabiola Bowles

Co-founder and CTO


It’s a trustworthy ecosystem. Verified by lawyers.

Our mission is to help you grow and it wouldn’t be possible without the expertise of the best Law Firms in the world. They fully understand the local and international market. ​

Every business opportunity is verified by an elite Law Firm before entering the Iconekta verified network.

Iconekta’s secured messaging system protects sensitive data and information between users and lawyers.
Automated NDA’s (Docusign) passed on a blockchain integration for protecting identities. E-signature technology is easy to use, mobile-friendly, secure, expedite and legally admissible.

We are already present in ten countries, meet our Law Firm Verifiers:






Be part of Iconekta elite Law Firms and start verifying business opportunities in your jurisdiction.

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