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Welcome to Iconekta!

The pioneer legaltech in Generation of Business Opportunities for legal firms and their clients.

We transform the way Law Firms generate income thanks to our BOG model (Business Opportunity Generator) designed to facilitate the generation of business between companies and prestigious and reliable legal firms. BOG (Business Opportunity Generator) model designed to facilitate the generation of business between companies and prestigious and reliable legal firms.

Latin American Revolution

Law Firms Verifiers
Millions of dollars in Business Opportunities

As the first LegalTech of its kind in Latin America, Iconekta is at the forefront of technological integration in the legal sector. Our commitment is to create valuable connections with intuitive technology.

We are a very easy-to-use ecosystem that adapts to the lawyer since we leverage GenIA to ensure a frictionless, secure, and agile experience.

Your Portal to Business Opportunities

Iconekta BOG is our platform where the lawyer has total control. It is designed to help generate business, offering a simplified process to verify and connect efficiently and securely.

Maximize Your Time and Performance

Our algorithm was developed to accelerate the detection of opportunities.
We want using Iconekta to not only be easy but also not to take away from the lawyer's time during their day.

Iconekta is much more than an intelligent algorithm; it is the proactive partner of the lawyer and their firm so that they can increase their billing while strengthening the relationship with clients.

Leveraging the Power of AI and More IA y Más

Iconekta integrates the best of Artificial Intelligence, through OpenAI's solutions, to stay ahead of the technological curve. We offer pre-verification of business opportunities, quick closings of deals to foster loyalty, automated NDAs for confidentiality, adaptability to technology, and a multidisciplinary approach to foster a business mindset.

Diverse Business Opportunities

Explore opportunities in various sectors such as Investment or capital raising, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Product Trading, Service Provision.

Our platform connects your clients with verified professional services, opening doors to new markets and reliable commercial enterprises.

Help your clients increase their investment portfolio by looking for the most reliable businesses.

Help your clients enter new markets to offer their products.

Find Mergers & Acquisitions opportunities, sellers, or buyers for your clients without intermediaries.

Connect your client with verified professional services.


Our platform has trusted and reputable Verification Firms in each country. They are in charge of signing the Verification Reports already integrated with Iconekta BOG. we guarantee quality, trust and satisfaction of the client in every interaction.

Join Iconekta Today

Discover the future of LegalTech. Join our ecosystem of reliable legal firms and transform the way you help your clients.

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Invest or Raise Capital

Users can explore the Iconekta ecosystem for financing and investment opportunities for their clients. They can filter and search for projects, startups, or growing companies that are seeking investors or additional funding.

Connect investors and companies: Iconekta acts as a bridge to connect interested investors with companies in need of financing. Users can use the platform to facilitate the contact process, arrange meetings, and negotiate agreements between both parties.

Trade Products

Users can search and discover trading opportunities in different industries and markets. They can explore products or services that are being offered and find potential business partners or customers interested in such transactions.

Perform secure transactions: Iconekta provides a secure environment for conducting business transactions. Users can communicate, negotiate and close deals within the platform, thus protecting the confidentiality and integrity of transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Users can search for companies that are open to mergers and acquisitions. They can explore different sectors and search for companies that match specific search criteria.

Facilitating the negotiation process: Iconekta provides tools and resources to facilitate the negotiation process in mergers and acquisitions. Users can communicate with interested parties, exchange confidential information, and carry out the stages of the process securely.


Offer professional services: Users can promote their advisory and consulting services on Iconekta. They can describe their areas of expertise, experience, and the benefits they offer to their clients.

Connect with potential clients: The platform allows users to establish connections with potential clients who are looking for advisory and consulting services in specific areas. They can receive service requests, answer queries and establish direct communication with interested clients.