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Iconekta is a trustworthy ecosystem that facilitates business generation and operational efficiency, boosting the digital evolution of LATAM’s legal industry.
Iconekta is a trusted ecosystem and every Law Firm Verifier must meet our standards to become a member. To apply click here.
The number of lawyers who can have access depends on the number of licenses contracted.
The number of clients is unlimited. Each client is assigned to a lawyer of your Law Firm Verifier to have the necessary follow-ups from the creation of a Business Opportunity to the closing of the negotiation. This allows your Law Firm to measure the productivity of your lawyers, times, countries and trace each negotiation to the end.
Iconekta is the only technological platform that performs a Legal Verification of the business opportunities that enter the ecosystem, and that is validated by the best Law Firms in the region.
Iconekta is a secure, reliable platform that meets all cybersecurity requirements. At the same time, the information of the Law Firm, its clients, attached documents, and Verification Reports is encrypted.
  • Investment
  • Raise Capital
  • Buy and Sell of Companies (M&A)
  • Buy and Sell Services
  • Buy and Sell of Products

Confidentiality status is optional and according to your client's requirements. In many cases, such as startups seeking to raise capital, they choose to keep their company's information open.
Likewise, the Due Diligence Report and supporting documents such as Business Plan, Financial Statements, or others, are totally confidential until the NDA is signed by both parties.

The maximum time is 365 days according to the legislation of each bidding country.
The business opportunity can be published until its expiration or until the conclusion of negotiation, whichever comes first and according to your client's decision.

Iconekta has a Business Intelligence and Data Mining Dashboard for both the lawyer and the administrator of your Law Firm.
You can see the productivity data of your lawyers, Business Opportunities created, verified, and/or closed by each of your lawyers.
Also, you have a space for metrics and trends of Business Opportunities in the region.


It is the marketplace where you can visualize each of the business opportunities verified by other Iconekta member law firms in LATAM. At the same time, it allows you to find opportunities that may be of interest to your clients.
It is the commercial intent of the Verifying Law Firm's client published in the Verified Network.
It is the process through which the Verification Law Firm prepares a Due Diligence of the client and its company, in order to give rise to its entry in the Verified Network.
The number of companies per customer and business opportunities per customer is limitless.

It is the functionality where business opportunities are connected through Iconekta's Match-Making Algorithm instantly with the counterpart.

The "Match" is where the supply and demand of business opportunities meet, and what allows the generation of greater commercial agreements.

Iconekta's algorithm allows you to have several "Matches" for each opportunity.

As your client's lawyer, you can connect with the counterparty, and an NDA is generated to be signed by both parties in case they agree to proceed with the negotiation.

Once the NDA is signed, the clients and lawyers of each counterparty receive a copy in their email automatically and the documents and Verification Report are released to each counterparty.
The number of NDA's generation is unlimited and is according to the commercial intent of your client's business opportunity until closing with a counterparty.

As soon as you join Iconekta, you will start receiving email alerts containing relevant opportunities to help you find counterparts for your customers.

The opportunities you receive are selected based on your activity, e.g. business opportunities you post, connections you request or receive, as well as saved opportunities and searches.

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