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Privacy Policy

Last modification: July 25th, 2022.

IAxGlobal Connect LLC (hereinafter “Iconekta”, “we”, “us”, “our” or the “Company”) is a corporation organized under the laws of Delaware of the United States of America. Iconekta operates on the website located at (hereinafter the “Website”).

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to establish the processing of Personal Data of the User, which is provided to the Iconekta Ecosystem for the use of the Services provided through the Website.

Iconekta guarantees the protection of Users’ Personal Data in compliance with the data protection regulations of the United States of America and international standards for the protection of personal data. The Personal Data provided will be used and processed in the manner indicated in this Privacy Policy.

The User, at the time of registration on the Website, accepts the processing and use of their Personal Data, as well as guarantees the veracity of these.

3.1. Privacy Policy: This is the legal document that explains the handling of the User’s data within the Website.

3.2. Website: This is the website that allows access to the Services provided, through which Users will be able to access the interconnection between the supply and demand of business opportunities.

3.3. User or Users: These are considered lawyers and/or law firms that hold a membership with Iconekta as well as any other user that registers to the Iconekta Ecosystem. Similarly, the terms “you” and “your” refer to each individual who accesses, navigates, or uses the Services.

3.4. Services: Services consist of all the legal tech tools provided through the Iconekta website and/or the Iconekta ecosystem.

3.5. Personal Data: This is the information provided by the User for the registration and use of the Website.

3.6. Cookies: This is the information sent by Users that is intended to identify when the User uses the Website and keeps a record of its activity.

The Personal Data that may be handled and processed by Iconekta are detailed below:

4.1. Identifying data of the User, such as: first name, surname, email address, telephone number, date of birth, position, law firm and jurisdiction.

4.2. Financial & Commercial data, such as: the due diligence report, income and expenditure reports, list and status of bank loans and/or through any other means, credit reports, and any other financial requirements that could be uploaded thru the website.

4.3. Data of business prospects, such as: location of the business, capital required, business information, among others.

4.4. Billing data (in case the User decides to provide this data).

4.5. All information that is part of communications, complaints, claims, comments, queries, suggestions and/or any type of communication that the User makes through the Website, email, customer service or social networks.

4.6. Geolocation data, such as the location of the User’s device, including real-time geographic location.

4.7. Data of the User’s mobile device and/or computer, such as: device IP, device brand, operating system version, internet connection, among others.

4.8. Data on how the User arrives at the Website, if it arrives through an external source, such as web pages or posts on social networks.

4.9. Data derived from the use of Cookies, which are used to facilitate the navigation of Users and for statistical purposes.

4.10. Data of a discriminatory, abusive, violent nature or which involves or incites to commit an offense.

Iconekta does not store credit and/or debit card information that is used to pay online for the use of the Service. Payment data are used by providers of electronic payment services.

Users are entitled to make changes to their Personal Data provided, such as telephone number, e-mail, and/or address.

The User, when registering, authorizes and consents to the processing of their personal data in accordance with these Privacy Policies. The User certifies that he/she is over 18 years of age and therefore has the legal capacity to provide unequivocal consent to the processing of his/her personal data, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

The Personal Data collected by Iconekta from the registration and use of the Website is used for the following purposes:

5.1. Management of access and communication with the Website, as well as providing the Services that are requested by the User through their registration account.

5.2. To comply with the legal, accounting, tax, administrative and contractual obligations related to the provision of the Services requested by the User.

5.3. Collection of the Service through payment made via debit or credit cards through a third party.

5.4. Sending of communications by e-mail, telephone calls, automated communications without human intervention, notifications consisting of sending messages to a mobile phone or any other means of communication.

5.5. Respond to complaints, complaints, incidents, and/or queries.

5.6. Statistical analysis of User behavior to determine preferences and improvements.

5.7. Provide information to Users about the Services offered.

5.8. Analyze, optimize and improve the use of the Service.

5.9. Coordination and implementation of the Services.

Iconekta will not use the data provided by the User for Services other than those mentioned above.

6.1. The User may cancel their account or unsubscribe at any time, deleting with it all Personal Data that is with them.

6.2. Iconekta may only use the User’s Personal Data as long as it remains an active User on the Website.

6.3. However, the User may not unsubscribe if is in the process of interconnection through the Website.

7.1. Iconekta undertakes to maintain absolute confidentiality and secrecy regarding the private and personal information that is accessed through all the means mentioned above. Iconekta uses security measures to prevent Users' Personal Data from being manipulated or abused by third parties outside the Company.

7.2. All Users have the right to know, object, or obtain the deletion or rectification of the data recorded, all in accordance with the data protection regulations of the United States of America.

Iconekta does not assign, transfer or sell your Personal Data to third parties outside the Company.

However, for the proper management and development of the Website, it is necessary to communicate specific data to our suppliers, who also guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the data provided.

Below, we detail the possible recipients of Users’ Personal Data:

a) Companies specializing in the management of commercial information.

b) Companies contractually linked to Iconekta that provide the Services.

c) Payment service providers.

d) Computer systems service companies.

e) All companies that are or may become part of the Company.

The list of recipients mentioned is indicative but not exhaustive, and Iconekta may cede the Personal Data of Users for the purpose of providing the Service.

Iconekta may at any time sell the Company to legal or natural persons, transferring with it all User Personal Data collected during the use of the Services and/or any other means.

As a User, you may exercise the following rights related to your Personal Data:

9.1. Right of Access to Data: Every User has the right to obtain a copy of the Personal Data that is being processed, as well as certain details about how we use it. We may ask you, before providing the information, to specify the Personal Data or processing activities to which your request relates.

9.2. Right of Rectification: Every User has the right to request that the data held by Iconekta be rectified if they consider that they are not accurate and / or complete, and must send a notification and justify the fact.

9.3. Right of Removal: Every User has the right to request the deletion of Personal Data provided to Iconekta. However, this may result in the inability to continue with the provision of the Service.

9.4. Right of Objection: Every User has the right to object to the processing of their Personal Data. In the event of a request, we will terminate the treatment indicated, unless there are legitimate reasons to continue with it. It is possible that the exercise of the right to object may result in the inability to provide the Service.

To exercise any of these rights, the User may contact Iconekta at any time through the means set out in the “Contact” section.

All rights granted are in accordance with the data protection regulations of the United States of America.

10.1. We may collect and use information from you if you are from the European Economic Area (EEA), and in this section of our Privacy Policy we will explain exactly how and why this information is collected, and how we keep it protected from replication or misuse.

10.2. The GDPR is an EU-wide privacy and data protection law that regulates how companies protect the data of EU residents and enhances the control that EU residents have over their personal data.

10.3. The GDPR is relevant for any company operating worldwide and not just for companies and residents of the EU. Customer data is important regardless of where it is located, which is why we have implemented GDPR controls as the standard of reference for all our operations around the world.

10.4. The GDPR adds new requirements on how companies should protect the personal data of the individuals they collect and process. It also increases the risk of compliance by increasing enforcement and imposing higher fines for non-compliance. Beyond these facts, it is simply the right thing to do. At Iconekta we strongly believe that your data privacy is very important and we already have strong security and privacy practices that go beyond the requirements of this new regulation.

11.1. Iconekta uses cookies that are strictly necessary and essential for Users to use the Website and allow them to move freely, use secure areas, personalized options, among others. In addition, Iconekta uses cookies that collect data related to the analysis of the use of the Website.

11.2. Cookies are used to improve the customer Service, measuring the use and performance of the page, to optimize and personalize it. Cookies found on social media links are not used or manipulated by Iconekta.

By Iconekta’s own decision or due to the enactment of new security and data protection regulations, the Company may amend this Privacy Policy. If there is any modification, the User will be notified at the time of logging in to the Website, in addition to being sent a notification by email. Under no circumstances will the modifications imply a loss of effectiveness in the protection of your Personal Data.

For the purpose of notifications, Iconekta designates the following address and means of communication: E-mail:

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