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Legaltech Solutions

Our mission is to build and nurture a powerful and trusted ecosystem for lawyers and their clients.

Adaptability to artificial intelligence is necessary for survival, which is why all our solutions have an integrated AI component.

Iconekta BOG

A B2B platform that generates opportunities. 

In this new legal era, with a potential impact of US$ 440 Billion for GenAI solutions, lawyers will become business generators for their clients.

So Iconekta BOG is born  a B2B platform that generates business opportunities for clients of verification law firms.

How does it work?

  • Register your lawyer profile and access your dashboard.
  • Create a business opportunity required by your client.
  • Verify your client with our automated due diligence report.
  • Connect Our algorithm will match the demands and offers of users in the ecosystem.
  • Generate the closing of the business opportunity that your client connected.

Types of Business Opportunities

Financing and Investment

Mergers and Acquisitions

Trade in Goods and Services

Advisory and Consultancy

What benefits does it have?

  • Loyalty your client by providing them with a solution that saves them time and generate business opportunities with reliable counterparts.
  • Generates and increases more billable hours.
  • Adapt to the new legal era and use of GenAI solutions.
  • Soft skills, will be a new way in which you will become familiar when selling legal services.
  • Development of the liquid lawyer, as you will become a born salesman.
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