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Discover Iconekta, an ecosystem that offers trusted legaltech solutions.

The first legal tech in Latin America focused on generating revenue for lawyers and their clients.

The Iconekta Ecosystem

Adaptability to artificial intelligence is crucial to surviving in the legal sector, which is why all our solutions include components of it Integrated AI.

Our mission is to build a trustworthy ecosystem for lawyers and their clients, offering legal tech solutions that generate revenue for our members.

We are proud of our milestones

Law Firms Verifiers
Millions of dollars in Business Opportunities


A B2B platform that generates opportunities.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, GenAI solutions could replace 44%  of lawyer tasks. Lawyers will have to adapt to this new era and reinvent themselves to survive.

So Iconekta BOG is born  a B2B platform that generates business opportunities for clients of verification law firms.

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In Iconecta:

Invest 15 minutes and generate 15 hours of billing for each match and close of business opportunities previously verified by Latam's best and trusted law firms.


5 steps:

Every business opportunity is verified by a law firm in its country of origin before entering Iconekta's verified platform..

Register your lawyer profile and access your dashboard.

Create a business opportunity required by your client.

Verify your client with our automated due diligence report.

Connect thanks to our algorithm that will match the leads and/or needs of our Iconekta users.

Generate the closing of the business opportunity that your client connected.

Open AI and other benefits:

AI: Harness the power of AI with Iconekta BOG. With our integration.... we are defining it.

Previous Verification: Every Business Opportunity is verified through an automated Verification Report signed by the Legal Firms. Thus, reduces fraud attempts between related and verified BOs.

Loyalty: Solution to save you time and generate business opportunities with reliable counterparts.

Confidentiality: We have automated NDAs for those Opportunities that require confidentiality.

Adaptability: Technology is a threat only to those who do not use it.

Multidisciplinary: Generating a business mindset for lawyers in order to take that extra step with your client.

Business Opportunities

Generate in Iconekta BOG your business opportunities in four sectors:

Help your clients increase their investment portfolio by looking for the most reliable businesses.

Help your clients enter new markets to offer their products.

Find Mergers & Acquisitions opportunities, sellers, or buyers for your clients without intermediaries.

Connect your client with verified professional services.


Our platform has trusted and reputable Verification Firms in each country. They are in charge of signing the Verification Reports already integrated with Iconekta BOG.

Together, we guarantee quality, trust and satisfaction of the client in every interaction.

We count on the trust of our Partners and Collaborators.

About us

Meet the Team

At Iconekta, we take pride in having a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the legal and technology industries. Our team provides the best legal tech solutions to our clients, and we work tirelessly to achieve that goal.

Our team is always here to assist you with any LegalTech needs you may have. Feel free to contact us for more information about our solutions and how we can help your business.


A couple of words of trust:

Be part of our trusted ecosystem

Apply to become a Verified Legal Firm and start connecting your clients with thousands of business opportunities.

For any questions please contact us at:
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Financing and Investment

Users can explore the Iconekta ecosystem for financing and investment opportunities for their clients. They can filter and search for projects, startups, or growing companies that are seeking investors or additional funding.

Connect investors and companies: Iconekta acts as a bridge to connect interested investors with companies in need of financing. Users can use the platform to facilitate the contact process, arrange meetings, and negotiate agreements between both parties.

Trade in Goods and Services

Users can search and discover trading opportunities in different industries and markets. They can explore products or services that are being offered and find potential business partners or customers interested in such transactions.

Perform secure transactions: Iconekta provides a secure environment for conducting business transactions. Users can communicate, negotiate and close deals within the platform, thus protecting the confidentiality and integrity of transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Users can search for companies that are open to mergers and acquisitions. They can explore different sectors and search for companies that match specific search criteria.

Facilitating the negotiation process: Iconekta provides tools and resources to facilitate the negotiation process in mergers and acquisitions. Users can communicate with interested parties, exchange confidential information, and carry out the stages of the process securely.

Advisory and Consultancy

Offer professional services: Users can promote their advisory and consulting services on Iconekta. They can describe their areas of expertise, experience, and the benefits they offer to their clients.

Connect with potential clients: The platform allows users to establish connections with potential clients who are looking for advisory and consulting services in specific areas. They can receive service requests, answer queries and establish direct communication with interested clients.