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¡Bienvenidos a la academia de Iconekta!

Law Firms Verifiers

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Discover everything you can do as an administrator of your law firm...

Discover everything you can do as a lawyer of your Law Firm within the platform...

Find out all you can do as a client by becoming a legal member of Iconekta...

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"Lawyer Registration"

Find out how to register as a lawyer in your Law Firm.

"Dashboard Lawyer"

Discover the analytics of your law firm and those of the Iconekta platform.

"My Clients Lawyer".

Learn how to create a client and their company within the platform.

"Create a Business Opportunity"

Discover how to create a Business Opportunity.

"Business Opportunity Created and Verification Report".

Discover all the steps once you have created your client's Business Opportunity.

"Verified Network"

Access the Verified Network and learn about all the business opportunities available in our ecosystem.

"It's a Match"

Find out what steps you need to take into account once the Business Opportunity Match has been generated from your client. Connect, sign the NDA of the counterparties and close the deal.

Iconekta Manuals

Download the manual you need and have fun getting to know all the processes and actors of our platform.

Administrator's Manual
Lawyer's Manual
Client Manual

About iconekta

Iconekta is a trustworthy ecosystem that facilitates business generation and operational efficiency, boosting the digital evolution of LATAM’s legal industry.
Iconekta is a trusted ecosystem and every Law Firm Verifier must meet our standards to become a member. To apply click here.
The number of lawyers who can have access depends on the number of licenses contracted.
The number of clients is unlimited. Each client is assigned to a lawyer of your Law Firm Verifier to have the necessary follow-ups from the creation of a Business Opportunity to the closing of the negotiation. This allows your Law Firm to measure the productivity of your lawyers, times, countries and trace each negotiation to the end.
Iconekta is the only technological platform that performs a Legal Verification of the business opportunities that enter the ecosystem, and that is validated by the best Law Firms in the region.
Iconekta is a secure, reliable platform that meets all cybersecurity requirements. At the same time, the information of the Law Firm, its clients, attached documents, and Verification Reports is encrypted.
  • Investment
  • Raise Capital
  • Buy and Sell of Companies (M&A)
  • Buy and Sell Services
  • Buy and Sell of Products

Confidentiality status is optional and according to your client's requirements. In many cases, such as startups seeking to raise capital, they choose to keep their company's information open.
Likewise, the Due Diligence Report and supporting documents such as Business Plan, Financial Statements, or others, are totally confidential until the NDA is signed by both parties.

The maximum time is 365 days according to the legislation of each bidding country.
The business opportunity can be published until its expiration or until the conclusion of negotiation, whichever comes first and according to your client's decision.

Iconekta has a Business Intelligence and Data Mining Dashboard for both the lawyer and the administrator of your Law Firm.
You can see the productivity data of your lawyers, Business Opportunities created, verified, and/or closed by each of your lawyers.
Also, you have a space for metrics and trends of Business Opportunities in the region.

It is the marketplace where you can visualize each of the business opportunities verified by other Iconekta member law firms in LATAM. At the same time, it allows you to find opportunities that may be of interest to your clients.

It is the commercial intent of the Verifying Law Firm's client published in the Verified Network.

It is the process through which the Verification Law Firm prepares a Due Diligence of the client and its company, in order to give rise to its entry in the Verified Network.

The number of companies per customer and business opportunities per customer is limitless. 

It is the functionality where business opportunities are connected through Iconekta's Match-Making Algorithm instantly with the counterpart. 

The "Match" is where the supply and demand of business opportunities meet, and what allows the generation of greater commercial agreements.

Iconekta's algorithm allows you to have several "Matches" for each opportunity.

As your client's lawyer, you can connect with the counterparty, and an NDA is generated to be signed by both parties in case they agree to proceed with the negotiation.

Once the NDA is signed, the clients and lawyers of each counterparty receive a copy in their email automatically and the documents and Verification Report are released to each counterparty. 

The number of NDA's generation is unlimited and is according to the commercial intent of your client's business opportunity until closing with a counterparty.

As soon as you join Iconekta, you will start receiving email alerts containing relevant opportunities to help you find counterparts for your customers.

The opportunities you receive are selected based on your activity, e.g. business opportunities you post, connections you request or receive, as well as saved opportunities and searches.

User's Manual Lawyers

Once your Law Firm is part of the Iconekta ecosystem, the administrator of your Firm must register it in the system. You will receive an email to log in to your account as a lawyer of the Verifying Law Firm to proceed to create your password, and that's it!

Please note that you must accept our Terms and Conditions policies before completing the registration. You will only have access from your Firm's corporate domain (e.g.

You can see everything related to your clients, Business Opportunities of your own Law Firm and others in Latin America.
You also have access to upload supporting documents and the Verified Report for each company.

In the left menu you can access the following information:

  • Dashboard
  • My Clients
  • Create Business Opportunity
  • Verified Network
  • It's a Match

The main page features a "Dashboard" with information about:

  • Pre-Verified Clients
  • Verified Clients
  • Business Opportunities Uploaded
  • Connected Business Opportunities
  • Ranking of the Law Firm's lawyers in creating and connecting Business Opportunities.

It also shows information of Business Opportunities uploaded in Latin America according to type and displayed in the Verified Network.

In the "My Clients" section you can see the information of all your active and inactive clients. On this page you can centralize the information of your own customers, such as:
  • Customer contact information
  • Profile and legal information of the Company (or Companies) that belong to each client.
  • In each Company, you can view the Business Opportunities created, view their status, edit them, or create a new Opportunity.
  • You can upload and view the Verified Report for each of the companies.
  • Review the status of the Connections made from a Match for each Opportunity.

To create a new client, you must click on the "Create New Client" button at the top right of the "My Clients" section. It is necessary to mention, that to create a new client, it must be created in conjunction with your assigned 1st Business Profile (company).

In case your client has more companies, simply enter the Client's profile and click on the "Create new Business Profile" button.
Each Business Profile or Company owned by your client has a progress bar that reaches 100% according to the information in each profile. This progress bar is measured according to the following factors:
  • Business Profile completed
  • Verification Report completed and uploaded
  • At least one Verified Business Opportunity
  • At least one connection: NDA signed

It is a Legal Audit performed by Iconekta's Verification Firms to verify that each client's Business Opportunity is legally reliable.

Log in to the "My Clients" section, choose your Client and select the "Verification Report" tab.

The Verified Network is the place where you can view the Verified Business Opportunities of your Clients, your Law Firm and other Iconekta Verified Law Firms in Latin America.

The Verified Network is the place where you can view the verified business opportunities of your clients, your Law Firm and other Iconekta Verified Law Firms in Latin America.

You can do this in two ways:
  • By clicking on the "Create Business Opportunity" button on the top right bar or from the menu. Then select the client and company for which you want to create the Opportunity.
  • From the left menu, select "My Clients". Once you have selected the client of interest, select the company for which you wish to create the Business Opportunity.
Always remember to understand the needs of your customers before creating a Business Opportunity. The options we have in Iconekta are the following:

In case we do not have what your customer needs, please send us an email to and we will do our best to include it.

You may upload any supporting documents necessary to validate that it is a reliable Business Opportunity and that support the Verification Report. These documents are confidential and not visible until a "Match" has occurred and the Confidentiality Agreement has been completed and signed by the interested parties. 

  • Pre-Verified: all clients of the Verifying Law Firms enter with a Pre-Verified status. Iconekta is an ecosystem of trust, we trust our firms and we know they trust their clients - and vice versa.
  • Verified: once the Verified Report has been uploaded, the Business Opportunity gets the "Verified" status and enters the "Verified Network".

On the "It's a Match" page, you will be able to see all the verified business opportunity matches and their respective companies with the rest of the opportunities uploaded to the Verified Network.

Our match-making algorithm is made so that each Business Opportunity of your client can have multiple "Matches", and each one of them with a percentage so that you, as their lawyer and business generator, can evaluate and choose to "Connect" with the one you see the best chances of closing.

Upon "Connect", an electronic NDA will be sent to your client and the counterparty. If both parties agree to proceed with the negotiation and sign the NDA, supporting documents and the Verification Report will be disclosed to the respective counterparty.

Within the "It's a Match" section you can see all the matches that each of your clients' Business Opportunities has had. Remember that an Opportunity can have multiple matches and you, as their attorney, can choose which one to connect with.

To connect you simply click on "Connect".

At the time an attorney wishes to "Connect" with a client's Business Opportunity, they will receive an email requesting the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between both parties in order to disclose the Business Opportunity's supporting documentation and the counterparty's Verification Report. 

Iconekta is a platform to connect Verified Business Opportunities in a trusted ecosystem.

The negotiation and/or closing of each Business Opportunity depends directly on the lawyers of the Verifying Law Firms and their clients.

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